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    "Small Town Murders" - Rovio- Match 3 Game - 3D Characters

    Hi to everyone, I´m so glad to present these characters that I did for Rovio, the game is a perfect combo between a cool Match 3 and awesome crime stories.

    As artist always is nice if you500彩票下载app二维码 can use interesting designs but in this case all characters are designed by the awesome artist Alberto Cámara and to me is a really big pleasure to create in 3D his awesome designs.

    Those characters are a small part that we can show you500彩票下载app二维码 for now, but I will updating the list in few time with some funny characters.

    I´m so proud to be part of this project and to have the oportunity to work with this super talented team.

    If you500彩票下载app二维码 want to know more, please, visit you500彩票下载app二维码r AppStore/Google Play and enjoy!!!

    And I hope you500彩票下载app二维码 like it!


    José Augusto Rodríguez you500彩票下载app二维码 done good :+1:

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    Now these are nicely stylized characters :clap: Great job Jose :wink:

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    I´m glad you500彩票下载app二维码 like it! Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

    Thanks a lot for you500彩票下载app二维码r good words Jaime!

    nice sculpt of the concepts

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    Really cool! Great shapes and volumes!

    Spot on!

    So clean, great work! :purple_heart::blue_heart::black_heart: