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    The Sandwich Dude (3D)

    I decided to work on The Sandwich Dude based on the phenomenal design by Noah Demirci for @500彩票下载app二维码dekren Creating Appealing Characters course for Mold3D. I recently had the time to complete it, so it was nice to work through it. The model was heavily constructed in ZBrush using its vast array of tools and modern workflow. I hope you500彩票下载app二维码 all enjoy it!

    If you500彩票下载app二维码’d like to check out more of my work you500彩票下载app二维码 can do so here:

    instagramPost_1080x1080_66 instagramPost_1080x1080_67 instagramPost_1080x1080_68 instagramPost_1080x1080_69 instagramPost_1080x1080_70 instagramPost_1080x1080_71

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    Great job Mikel :+1: VERY nice.

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    Thanks so much Jamie! Zbrush is a huge part of my process on every model, i’m just thankful for a tool that removes so many barriers technically.

    Really sweetly played a superb recreation - the texturing work and forms compliment so well. :+1:


    Thank you500彩票下载app二维码!

    such a fun piece.:blush:

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    Looks cool!

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    Thank you500彩票下载app二维码.